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Her Lost Chance Boss

Her Lost Chance Boss

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Her Lost Chance Boss: Billionaire Boss Romances (Locke Family Romance)

Enjoy this fast-paced novella about two best friends with hearts on the line and a long-kept secret that stands between them.

Reese Adkins is desperately in love with her boss, Adam Locke, a self-made billionaire who owns a conglomerate of successful businesses. After years of friendship, Adam starts to view Reese differently. One quiet evening when it is just the two of them in the office, they share a kiss. Reese has dreamed about this moment for more years than she can count, but then everything goes terribly wrong.

As Reese tries to gather the courage to tell Adam how she feels about him, Adam’s daughter fixes him up on a blind date, sending Reese into a tailspin. When Adam shows interest in the new woman, Reese is left with a dilemma—keep quiet and preserve a friendship or risk it all for love.

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Read an Excerpt


“Dad is the first client in my new matchmaking business,” Honey said with a touch of pride.
A laugh gurgled in Reese’s throat. “What?” The idea of Honey running a matchmaking service was absurd. Honey couldn’t even find herself a decent boyfriend. How in the heck was she supposed to help others?
Honey nodded vigorously. “If I can help Dad find love, then it will be a huge boost to my business.”
Relief swept through Reese, making her feel dizzy. “Is that why Adam agreed to go out on a date, to help you start your business?” Of course. Now Reese was seeing the full picture. It made sense that Honey would want to pick the lowest hanging fruit—her dad.
“No, he wants to go out with Meredith.” She grinned. “Especially when I told him all about Meredith’s amazing qualities. And, she’s gorgeous, to boot.”
The air whooshed out of Reese’s lungs. She’d never met Meredith and already despised the woman. Okay, that was a little harsh. Still, Reese couldn’t stand the thought of another woman with Adam.
“Will you help me get Dad ready?”
Reese felt like she was on some sadistic game show where she had to decide if she would rather drown or burn to death. If she turned Honey down, then Honey would just get someone else to help Adam. That might be worse. At least this way, Reese could stay close enough to keep an eye on things. She could use her influence to dissuade Adam from pursuing Meredith. Reese rubbed a hand across her forehead. Finally, she let out a long breath. “Okay.”
Honey squealed, squeezing her fists. “Hotdog! This is going to be great!”
No, it was going to be a train wreck.
Adam strolled into the room looking fresh and well-rested in his custom-tailored, mid-toned blue suit. “Good morning,” he said breezily as he went to Honey’s side and kissed her cheek.
“Morning, Dad,” Honey chimed.
He turned his focus to Reese. His eyes softened around the edges, a crooked smile easing over his lips. “Hello.”
“Hello, Adam,” she responded dully. Normally, Reese would be swept away by Adam’s uncommonly good looks and his commanding presence. Today, however, the sight of him caused her blood to boil. She couldn’t believe Adam had agreed to Honey’s preposterous scheme. Reese could only imagine how Meredith or any other female over the age of forty-five would react to going on a date with Adam Locke. His looks and charisma would be enough to seal the deal. Add to those qualities that he was a billionaire and women would be salivating. Reese sat up straighter in her seat. One more reason to keep a close eye on this situation—to protect Adam from all the gold-diggers.
Adam blinked, his features tightening. “Is everything okay?”
Reese arched an eyebrow. “You tell me.”
“Everything’s great!” A large grin split Honey’s face. “Reese has agreed to help get you ready for your date.” She balled her fists and held them up. “This is gonna be great! We’ll have so much fun,” she gushed, her eyes sparkling. “Who knows, Dad, you might even find love.”
It was all Reese could do not to grunt out loud.
Color blotched up Adam’s neck as he chuckled. “I hope you don’t mind.” He gave Reese an apologetic look. “Honey needs help with her new business.” He shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets as he rocked back on his heels, grinning like he’d hit the jackpot. “Well, I guess I’m her first guinea pig.”
Reese crossed her arms over her chest. If she were to examine herself, she was sure that some tiny part of her would understand the need for Adam to support Honey in her business venture. Still, the rascal didn’t have to look so happy about it. Reese felt sick to her stomach, wanting nothing more than to jump up and dart out of here. She wanted to get as far away from Adam Locke, and these conflicted feelings, as she could.
Honey held out her hands, her voice crackling with excitement. “Okay, here’s the plan. I made reservations at Romanos’ Italian Ristorante for tomorrow night.”
This was getting worse by the second. Romanos’ was Reese’s favorite restaurant. Knowing that, Adam took her there often. Reese had come to think of it as her and Adam’s spot. Adam seemed to be reading Reese’s mind. He cleared his throat. “Honey, maybe you should make the reservations for another restaurant.”
“Why?” Honey frowned. “You love that restaurant, Dad. It’s your favorite. You said so, last night.”
Adam looked at Reese as he spoke. He looked miserably uncomfortable. “Yes, but under the circumstances …”
Reese’s mouth seemed to have a mind of its own as the words rushed out. “If you’re worried about me, don’t,” she snapped.
Honey dipped her head in surprise. “I don’t understand. Why would Dad be worried about you?”
Adam swallowed, rubbing his neck. Was that a flicker of amusement Reese saw in his eyes? She couldn’t be sure, but whatever the meaning of his expression, it incensed her.
“The two of you are just friends … right?” Honey asked, looking back and forth between them. “Is there something I’m missing here?”

Read the First Chapter


In the evening, the office had an intimate feel, heightening awareness that Reese was alone with Adam. The luxurious executive suite was on the top floor of the Locke Media Group high-rise, affording a splendid view of downtown Dallas. Reese hugged her arms and looked out at the glittering lights, twinkling delicately against the velvety night sky. Twenty years ago, when Reese first came to work for Adam Locke, she was intimidated by the exclusive offices. Now, the surroundings were as comfortable to her as her own home.
With a heavy sigh, Reese’s thoughts went back to the man who’d consumed her thoughts for more years than she wanted to put a number on. For so long, she’d buried her feelings knowing that Adam would forever be out of her reach. After all, what good could come from loving her best friend’s husband? She shuddered, despising herself for her treachery. Oh, how she’d tried to squelch her feelings. For many years, when Grace was alive, Reese thought she’d succeeded. She married Paul. For a while, all was well with the world. Although Reese worked for Adam as his personal assistant and spent a great deal of time with him, she started viewing him only as a trusted friend. Even when her marriage to Paul failed, Reese still held onto the illusion of having erased all traces of her infatuation with Adam. She even came to attribute her earlier feelings as a foible of her youth.
When Grace passed away suddenly from a stroke three years ago, Reese’s old feelings for Adam resurged with a vengeance. Maybe it was because Adam was so devastated over Grace’s death. It cut Reese to the quick to see such a strong, take-charge man ravished by grief. Reese wanted to put her arms around Adam and help ease his pain.
She couldn’t pinpoint exactly when things with Adam had started to shift. Sometime within the past six months, Adam started looking at her differently. There seemed to be some sort of secret meaning beneath his smiles. The tone of his voice was more intimate, tender. Adam’s attentions both thrilled and petrified Reese.
This afternoon, when Adam asked if she wouldn’t mind staying later to help him get caught up on paperwork, involving a commercial real estate deal he’d just closed, Reese couldn’t help but wonder if Adam had underlying intentions. Her thoughts had run away from her all afternoon as she daydreamed about how it would feel to be in the arms of the man she’d loved since her early twenties. Tonight, however, when the moment was upon her, Reese’s stomach was tied in knots.
Adam had stepped out to grab them something to eat, leaving her alone with her conflicting thoughts. She felt hands on her shoulders. With a start, she realized it was Adam, returning with the food. “Your shoulders are stiff,” he murmured in her ear. His warm breath tickled her skin, sending delightful shivers cascading down her spine. For a second, the feel of his strong hands crowded out all else. She turned to face him.
“I hope Chinese is okay.”
“Yes,” she responded automatically with an appreciative smile as she glanced at the food containers on the coffee table in the sitting area. Adam had removed his suit coat and tie earlier and undone the top button on his shirt. Her gaze went to his face. Adam had always been a handsome man with his strong jaw and even features, but he had aged exceptionally well. If anything, he was even more attractive now than he’d been in his youth with his head of thick, dark hair, streaked with silver. She traced the age lines around his eyes and mouth, thinking how they gave him character. His brow was touched with the wisdom of one who’d fought and conquered many battles. Yet, the fire in his eyes was indicative of his fervor to keep on fighting the fight. With his commanding presence and diehard confidence, Adam Locke was the most thrilling man Reese had ever been around.
“The offices are quiet with just the two of us here.”
“I was just thinking the same thing.”
“I kind of like it.” His striking blue eyes took on a playful light as he scoped her face. Lightly, he brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen over her cheek. Her breath hitched. Was this really happening? Her breath came faster as he stepped closer, his eyes deepening. “You are beautiful,” he murmured like he was just now noticing for the first time.
“Thank you,” she whispered. She knew practically everything about Adam Locke—his favorite foods, how he liked his coffee, the nuances in his expressions that allowed her to finish his sentences, the timbre of his voice, the deep throaty sound of his laughter, the pride with which he spoke of his children. She knew his limitless energy and how he never grew tired of chasing the next deal. She knew his loyalty to his family and how he was old school—believing in the value of hard work. Adam’s handshake was his bond. He was impetuous and bold, his temper often getting the better of him. However, he was quick to apologize, readily admitting when he was at fault.
What she didn’t know, however, was how it felt to be loved by this larger-than-life man. She didn’t know the feel of his lips, had never touched the curve of his jaw, or his tendrils of hair that feathered the back of his masculine neck. Reese caught a glimmer of desire in Adam’s eyes and realized that he intended to kiss her.
“Reese,” he uttered, his voice going husky, “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
“Nor I you,” she admitted, and then smiled at the pleased look that overtook his features. Her heart melted at the tenderness of his gaze. He touched her face, sending a firestorm of sparks shooting through her. Her pulse thumped out an erratic beat as he gently tipped her face to his. She parted her lips, her entire being tingling with anticipation. For so long she’d hungered for his touch. His lips came down on hers with gentle persuasion that warmed her blood. He encircled her waist, deepening the kiss.
Without warning, Grace’s face flashed through Reese’s mind, causing her body to stiffen. A hot, sick shame burned through her. What was she doing? She could only imagine the shock and anguish Grace would feel if she saw her husband and best friend entangled in a kiss. The words ripped miserably from her throat as she pushed away from him. “I can’t do this.”
“It’s not wrong, Reese, for the two of us to be together.”
Her eyes misted. “It’s wrong for me,” she croaked, needing to get away. “I’m sorry.” She moved to hurry out of the office, but he caught her arm.
“Reese, don’t do this.”
Anger surged through her. “Do what?”
“Push me away.”
A hard laugh rattled in her throat. “We should be ashamed of ourselves.” The past and present collided with a hard punch that stole her breath from her lungs. She felt the torturous pain of having loved Adam for so long, even when he wasn’t hers to rightfully love. She was a Judas, betraying her best friend with a kiss. “Grace was my best friend.”
“And, my wife.” The anguish in Adam’s voice about ripped Reese’s heart out. He still loved Grace, just as she did. It was their grief over losing Grace that knitted them together, but Grace would forever keep them apart. “I can’t work here anymore.” It was too painful, being this close to Adam, wanting him so desperately, and never being able to act on those feelings. Reese was a masochist for remaining here as long as she had. She just hadn’t had the strength to leave Adam. Also, she loved the Locke children as if they were her own.
His face fell. ”You can’t quit. I need you.” Desperation coated his voice. “Please, don’t leave.” He blew out a heavy breath. “I should’ve never kissed you.” A mask of resolve came over him. Reese had seen that look many times. It was the one Adam wore when facing down his opponents and plowing forward with sheer grit and determination. “It won’t happen again.” His jaw tightened as he searched her eyes. “I promise you, it’ll be like it never happened.” His words were both a comfort and agony, for she knew that Adam was a man of his word. “I need you,” he finished softly.
In that moment, his tough exterior slipped away, and she saw his vulnerability, felt his fear. “Okay,” she heard herself say. “I’ll stay.”

📚Chapter 1

Four years later …

It had been an uneventful flight on the private jet back from Alabama to Dallas. Adam was able to get some work done on the way back. His oldest son Brock decided to stay on a few days in Alabama, supposedly to spend some time with Xander his younger son, but Adam figured Brock’s decision had more to do with Hope Bell, Juliana’s younger sister, than it had to do with Xander. Young love was so turbulent and unpredictable. He grinned, shaking his head. It was too early to tell if the infatuation between Brock and Hope would turn into anything lasting, but Xander and Juliana were a good fit. If Adam were a betting man, he’d wager that Xander had found his match. The downside, however, was that Xander wouldn’t be working full time at Locke Media Group any longer.
When Adam was building his businesses, he’d envisioned all his sons eventually working in some facet of the Locke conglomerate, even his youngest daughter Honey, if she so desired. However, Brock, his oldest son, was now the only one left in the company. Running Locke Media Group was in Brock’s DNA. Adam had no doubt that Brock was there for the long haul. He’d hoped that Xander would eventually feel the same way. Xander had a keen sense for business and was a master at assessing financial statements to determine a company’s strengths and weaknesses. However, now that Xander had found Juliana, his path had changed.
Mentally, Adam ticked down the list of his kids. Greer the son just under Xander was a family practitioner. The twins Kenton and Storm were attending college at Texas A&M. There was the possibility that one of them might someday join the company. Honey, Adam’s youngest daughter, had graduated from high school a year prior. She was taking classes at the local community college and was basically trying to find herself. Miley Adam’s niece by marriage who had lived with the family since she was a kid was taking classes at the same community college that Honey attended. However, Miley had a clear-cut plan to become a nurse.
Loosening his tie, Adam deposited his keys and briefcase on the kitchen island. It was good to be home. This trip had left him emotionally and physically zonked. He glanced around, looking for Honey and Miley. Both cars were parked in the garage, but there was no sign of them. The house was enormous. They could be anywhere. The ranch-style house nestled on fifty acres had been Grace’s baby. She was insistent on having a place large enough for all the kids to come to after they were married. Grace was smart to plan ahead. However, neither she nor Adam could’ve anticipated Grace’s untimely death and how lonely this big, open house with cavernous rooms and tall ceilings would feel when all the children were grown. At least Honey and Miley were still here.
Adam tried to dissect his feelings to determine why he was feeling so despondent. He was proud of his children and how they were becoming such productive people. However, as they moved on with their lives, Adam couldn’t help but feel stuck. Sure, the businesses were going great, but there was more to life than just business. He chuckled, thinking how Brock and Xander would be shocked to hear their old man thinking about something other than business. Kids often forgot that their parents were people, too. Seeing Xander with Juliana—watching how in love the two of them were—made Adam see the gaping hole in his personal life. He wanted to move forward. He wanted someone to share this big house with. No, not someone, he wanted Reese. Reese was not only his personal assistant but his best friend. Unfortunately, merely having a friend wasn’t enough. Adam longed to have the closeness with Reese that he and Grace had shared.
While a part of him understood Reese’s reticence to fall for her best friend’s husband, Adam knew to the depth of his soul that Grace would understand. She wouldn’t begrudge Adam and Reese for moving forward. Grace would want that. The problem was making Reese understand that. She was a stubborn woman.
He went to the fridge and retrieved a bottle of Perrier. Opening the cap, he lifted the glass bottle to his lips, chugging it down, appreciating the burn in his throat. His phone buzzed. He pulled it from his pocket, smiling as he answered. “You must have radar on me. I just walked in the door.” He went over to the nearby kitchen table, pulled out a chair, and sat down.
“I’m glad you made it home safely.”
“Me too.” Just hearing Reese’s voice helped chase away the blues.
“How did it go with the newspaper?” Concern sounded in her voice. “How did the Bells react to you buying them out?”
A smile stole across his lips. “Well, that’s an interesting story.” He glanced at the clock—six fifteen. He took another drink of his water, his stomach rumbling.
“I’d love to hear it.”
Reese sounded comfy, like she might be lounging on the couch. He pictured her lively green eyes and glossy blonde hair. The need to see her suddenly became too much. “Hey, have you eaten dinner yet?”
“I’m eating a salad right now, as we speak.”
“Oh.” He swallowed, his insides feeling heavy. “All right.”
“What happened with the paper?”
Honey glided into the room, wearing a large smile. “Daddy-o,” she exclaimed joyously. “You’re home!” Her long, blonde hair swishing, she closed the distance between them with a few hops and skips.
“Hi, darling.” He stood as she flung her arms around him and gave him a fierce hug.
“Is that Honey?” Reese asked.
“Yes,” he answered into the phone.
“Tell her I said hello.”
Adam removed the receiver from his mouth. “Reese says hello.”
A sly grin slid over Honey’s face. “I see how it is … you get on the phone with Reese the minute you get home.”
Used to Honey’s badgering, Adam just laughed lightly. “Reese, I need to let you go.”
“No worries. Go spend time with your daughter. We can catch up in the morning. I can’t wait to hear everything that happened.”
“All right. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Goodnight,” he said, getting off the phone.
Honey went to the pantry and retrieved a large bag of kettle chips. Then, she stopped by the fridge and grabbed a soda. She went to the table and sat down across from Adam. She opened the can and took a long drink before digging into the chips. “How was your trip?”
He glanced around. “Where’s Miley?”
“She’s out with a few friends.”
He nodded. Miley was as studious as Honey was carefree. Miley spent most of her time holed up in her room studying. Adam was glad that Miley was getting out.
Honey’s eyes shimmered with amusement. “I spoke to Brock earlier. I hear Xander has a girlfriend,” she cadenced in a singsong voice.
“Yes,” he laughed.
“She must be something if he was willing to part with his Lamborghini to buy the newspaper.”
The baby of the family, Honey had a mischievous streak and enjoyed teasing her brothers relentlessly. In all fairness, however, Honey had grown up being teased so she was just giving as good as she got.
She raised both eyebrows leaning forward. “So, are you gonna keep the Lamborghini?”
Adam was a firm believer in instilling a good work ethic in his children. Yes, he could’ve given Xander the newspaper, but then Xander might not value it. However, if Xander had to purchase it by giving up something he loved, well, that was a character-building moment. “I have considered it.” He smiled, thinking about it. He could only imagine what Reese’s reaction would be if he showed up at the office in a Lamborghini. Reese was always saying that underneath his polished business exterior, he was really just a big kid at heart. The main reason Adam was toying with the idea of keeping the car was because he knew Reese was a car lover. It would be fun for the two of them to sport around in the Lamborghini.
An eager light shone in Honey’s light eyes. “Can I use the car?”
He chuckled. “I’m afraid that car has too much power for you.”
She frowned. “I’m not talking about driving it myself. I wanna use it for my new business.” She placed a chip in her mouth and munched on it for a second before washing it down with a swallow of soda.
“New business?” he asked warily. While he was impressed that Honey was taking an interest in commerce, it was Honey they were talking about. There was no telling what hare-brained idea she had in mind. A couple of months ago, she announced that she wanted to start a pet sitting business, then quickly changed her tune after watching her friend’s cats for a week. Next, she wanted to do party planning for kid’s birthdays. Before that, it was fashion design with her wanting to launch a line of clothing. The list went on and on.
“My matchmaking business.”
He laughed. “Huh?” He shook his head. “You almost had me. That’s a good one,” he said appraisingly, taking another swig of his water.
Her brows bunched together. “I’m serious.”
His eyes widened when he realized she was. “A matchmaking service? That’s a bit unusual.”
“What’s so unusual about it? Matchmaking is a lucrative business.”
“Those services are a dime a dozen.” While he didn’t want to discourage Honey from pursuing her passions, he also wanted her to be realistic.
She held up a finger. “Not the ones that cater to the rich. Do you realize that if you build the right clientele, you can charge anywhere from five thousand to fifty thousand, depending on the service offering?”
“That’s a lot of money to be fixed up on a date.” Poor, desperate saps. Adam felt their pain. Like other successful men and women, Adam wanted the person he eventually ended up with to be with him for love, not his money.
“Yes, but what price would you put on finding the right person?” She leaned forward. “Think about it, Dad. You develop these elaborate strategies for taking over businesses and running companies. Don’t you think you should put that same effort into finding a life partner?”
Adam was marginally impressed. “All right. I hear ya.” He sat back in his seat, his hand cradling the neck of the Perrier bottle. “Let me ask you this, how do you plan to go about finding these wealthy clients who are going to pay those sums for love?” He lifted the bottle to his mouth.
“I’m so glad you asked.” She grinned broadly. “I plan to start with you.”
The water went down the wrong way, strangling him as he coughed. “What?”
“It’s perfect.”
“I have no desire to be fixed up with anyone,” he muttered, his dark mood returning.
Honey probed him with perceptive eyes. “That’s not true.”
“Of course, it’s true,” he responded in a knee jerk reaction. “I’m perfectly happy with my life. I have my businesses and you kids. It’s enough.”
Honey folded her arms over her chest. “Sure, it is,” she said sarcastically. “You don’t fool me, Dad, I know exactly what or who you want.”
Heat crawled like spiders up Adam’s neck. Was he that transparent? It didn’t matter what he wanted. The one time he tried to act on those feelings, it had backfired royally. He couldn’t risk doing it again and losing Reese’s friendship. Also, he’d given his word that it wouldn’t happen again. He thought of her soft, blonde hair and how it bounced jauntily on her shoulders. Her jade eyes were so alive, her smile captivating.
Honey waved a hand. “Hello? Earth to Dad.”
He jumped guiltily. The awkwardness level in the room shot up ten notches when he saw Honey’s amused expression. “What?” he demanded.
“You’re not as stealthy as you think you are, Dad.” Her voice grew businesslike. “Back to what I was saying.”
He grinned in admiration of his youngest, thinking how she had more of him in her than he realized.
“I know what you want, and it’s my job to see that you get it.”
He lifted an eyebrow, amusement rising in his chest. “Let me guess, if I should hire you, there would be a fee involved.”
She didn’t skip a beat. “Of course.” She squared her jaw. “I’m a Locke, aren’t I?”
A begrudging laugh slid from his mouth. “Yes, I suppose you are.”
“Now, back to business. You’re gonna want to go out on a date.” She flicked her wrist impatiently. “Pay attention, and I’ll tell you why.”
He chuckled. “All right. You’ve piqued my interest. Give me your best pitch.”
She sat up straight in her chair and pushed the chips aside. He could tell from the way she bit her lip that she was collecting her thoughts. He bit back a smile, thinking how darn cute she was. No, not just cute. She was beautiful like her mother with her blonde hair and California-girl features that came complete with a smattering of cinnamon freckles over her nose. Her blue eyes, however, were identical to Adam’s. Also, she had Adam’s temperament. Adam had always known that when Honey eventually sank her teeth into something and knuckled down, she would be unstoppable. “As I said earlier, you have strategies for business. We need to come up with a strategy for you, so you can get the thing you want most.”
An unexpected longing stirred inside Adam. Was Honey onto something here? Yes, he needed a strategy—a way to get through to Reese. “Okay.” Honey was right. How could one put a price on love? Adam was willing to pay any amount to get Reese. Of course, Honey didn’t have to know that. “What do you have in mind?”
“There’s this lady that I met at the gym. Her name is Meredith Olsen. She’s very beautiful.”
Adam’s heart sank. He’d thought Honey understood him, but she’d totally missed the mark. “Like I said, I have no interest in being fixed up with anyone,” he muttered. Weary of the conversation, he stood, wanting to find himself something to eat.
An impish grin tipped Honey’s lips. “Don’t rush off so soon, Daddy-o.” She held his eyes. “You do want to go out with Meredith.”
While he admired Honey’s torque, he was not going to be her guinea pig, and he was certainly not going out with some woman he’d never met.
“Dad?” She gave him a beseeching look.
He heaved out a long sigh. “All right,” he said with a droll smile. “I’ll play along. Why do I want to go out with Meredith Olsen?”
Honey lifted her chin, fire flickering in her eyes. Adam recognized that same fire in himself. Like father like daughter. “Because going out with Meredith is gonna get you what you want most.” Honey motioned impatiently. “Sit back down, and I’ll tell you why.”
He gave her a searching look. “What I want most,” he mused, rubbing a hand across his jaw. “Are you sure we’re talking about the same thing?”
She giggled. “Absolutely. My mama and daddy didn’t raise no dummy,” she quipped, her eyes swirling with amusement. “Now, Mr. Locke, sit yourself down, and I’m gonna outline our strategy.” She paused, eyeing him. “Trust me, when you hear my plan, you’ll gladly pay my fee. And, when I deliver, you’ll give me a glowing recommendation.”
A smile slid over his lips as he sat back down. Honey was an impressive little thing. He was proud to call her his daughter. “All right, Miss Locke. I’m all ears.”

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