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Jennifer Youngblood

Romeo Family Romance Series Audiobooks Bundle

Romeo Family Romance Series Audiobooks Bundle

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Crave drama, suspense, and romance? Take your auditory senses on a wild ride with the Romeo Family Romance Series Audiobooks Bundle! With 11 audiobooks at your disposal, you'll be swept away by the captivating stories full of adventure and emotion. Experience the thrilling mystery and promise of romance with each turn of the page. Get ready for an exciting journey!

Books in this bundle:

One Perfect Day

An aspiring photographer, elusive stranger who comes to town, and the painful choice that could wreck her career.

One Way Home

The Romeo Family Romance series continues with Zoe Romeo Stevens, Noah’s older sister. Plenty of twists and turns in his fast-paced romance about family ties and the yearnings the heart wants most.

One Little Switch

He needs an act for his tour. She needs a fresh start. One little switch will change everything....

One Tiny Lie

The one tiny lie that brought him into her life might be the very thing that rips them apart.

One Big Mistake

A former Navy SEAL, the woman he loves, and the one big mistake that threatens to destroy everything.

One Southern Cowboy

Sometimes you have to forget all that you learn how to love again.

One Singing Bachelorette

One country music singer desperate to make it big. Twenty contestants vying for the affection of one bachelor. No one actually falls in love on a TV reality they?

One Fake Fiancé

He dreams of owning a ranch. She needs a fiancé pronto. Can the cowboy and the debutante find common ground? Or will their shot at happily-ever-after get stomped to smithereens before it even has a chance to begin?

One Silent Night

A woman searching for healing, a man desperate for a second chance, and the web of deceit that could destroy them both.

One Kick Wonder

Life rarely goes according to plan. Sometimes the unexpected is even better than we could have ever imagined…

One More Chance

The one you’ve been waiting for…Knox and Birdie’s story, the stunning conclusion of the Romeo Family Romance series.

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