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Jennifer Youngblood

High Heels and Big Deals - Paperback

High Heels and Big Deals - Paperback

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What person in their right mind goes into the Piggly Wiggly to get bread and milk and comes out engaged?

It all started when the deal of a lifetime came knocking at my door. I never imagined that my shot at fame and fortune would come with such outrageous conditions. I’ve been dreaming of a music career ever since I was old enough to hold a guitar. I have no idea what to do. Oh, did I mention that things aren’t so great with my boyfriend and manager? Alden thinks I’m a moron for even questioning the music label’s demands. He’s too starry eyed over the big, fat record deal to think about what might be best for me.

Just when I think my life can’t get any more complicated, I find myself in a freak snowstorm. Fate must be having a heyday with this one because who rescues me? The guy I love to hate—Beau Primrose! Yeah, the rough and tumble firefighter is as hunky as ever with his crooked grin and piercing blue eyes. I’ve got his number though. The player broke my heart in middle school, and I have no intention of letting him hurt me again. I can remain immune to his charm … I think. Good Gollie, Miss Mollie, did I actually kiss him … AGAIN?

Love and laughter collide in this zany holiday romcom about an unlikely couple who just might be the perfect fit.

If you like flirty heroines, swoon-worthy hunks, and a dash of dramatic angst, then you’ll adore USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Youngblood’s small-town romp.

Ebooks included:

  • Love Him or Lose Him
  • Love on the Rocks
  • Her Blue Collar Boss
  • Love Under Fire

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