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One Southern Cowboy- Audiobook

One Southern Cowboy- Audiobook

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One Southern Cowboy: Romeo Family Romance, Book 6

Romeo Family Romance

Written by Jennifer Youngblood
Narrated by Lisa Valdini
Sometimes you have to forget all that you learn how to love again.

The player in the family, Jaxson goes through girlfriends faster than a hot knife through butter. A near fatal accident with a familiar face might be the very thing to give this cowboy a fresh take on love and loyalty.

Jaxson locked his heart a long time ago and has no intention of opening it back up for anyone. Sure, he was heartbroken once when his ex-girlfriend Lemon betrayed him, but that was a lifetime ago. He has long since moved on. Then, why is he seeing Lemon? Was it her at the rodeo? Or a trick of the light?

Coming home from Hartley and Ramsey’s wedding, Jaxson gets the shock of his life when he sees Lemon standing in the middle of the road. He swerves to miss her...Was she real or did he only imagine it?

Get ready for a suspenseful ride! Where secrets abound and tender love gets a second chance. A place for the heart to remember, even when the head can’t.

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